A tiny island
by water
a diver finds
long column
of land down
touching seabed
it is not a mountain
no hard rock
how it exits
in turmoil
of waves
in ocean

Dream disorders

I feel always awake in sleep
my limbs take rest, eyes closed
but mind is active never takes a nap
sometimes I find myself flying
what is the mechanism not known
there is no vehicle or aircraft
now in defense sector
soldiers can fly alone with arms
and penetrate in enemies’ zone
my flying in sleep is somewhat similar.

I am retired form service ten years ago
still once in a while in dream
I face the trauma of examination
or I am late to reach my class,
some subject I have not cleared yet
or lost my path to go back home
I roam around on roads, partially known
then after lot of anxiety I get a bus
and go back home to get a sigh of relief
when my dreams break, I feel so exhausted.

When humans die, they are likely to face
this kind of disorders but in opposite way
they may be lamenting why cannot speak
why others are not responding to them
or even recognizing their existence,
the fact is body is missing
our relation to this creation is through body
the poor mind or finer body takes time
to acclimatize to the new situation
I think each of us is like that even while awake.

Fantasy life

It is a tragedy that God has given
vast salt contaminated water in sea
but potable water is scarce,
in my fantasy of imagination
I think it should have been reverse.
How come such a vast source
remains saline whereas rivers
that contain much less water
do not have high content of salt?

All rivers have first source of water
from glaciers, the ice of which
is free from salt. Artic and antarctica
have ice bergs and glaciers
where people should go to live
use solar or geothermal energy to melt ice
sustain their life there as cold nations
do in winter during heavy snowfall
life goes on, regular food supply
from land should be done for them
after all humans are thinking to live
in moon, mars or other planets.
In high altitude snowy Himalayas
saints sustain their lives for eons
how others can’t do it at two poles?

Nuisance in flights

Civil aviation has flourished like virus
some stupid people want it to be cheap
so that poor people can fly
I do not understand the rationale behind it
if each and everything is made for mass
there bound to be heavy crowd
wherever there is rush there is spoiler.

Earlier when we used to fly
there was aristocracy involved in it
all gentle people used to fly
now some rowdy flyers fight inside flights
blows are hurled to the dismay of all
drunk guys pee on fellow passengers
even ladies have not been spared.

Civility is at stake for accommodating all
why do you serve alcoholic drinks in flights
when airlines do not serve food to cut cost
or passengers have to pay extra for it
the charm of flying has reduced to zero
after misconceived proliferation
for peace lovers there is no place.

Soft corner

A prime minister with his wife visits him
he extends his hand for hand shake
the lady responds only with folded hands

He participates in a program of artists
all ladies surround him pressing their boobs
against his body with thunderous laughter

A woman sport person retires from her game
he writes a personal letter to her
elaborating how marvelous she was

The woman’s husband is of an enemy country
against whom the man sprues venom in one hand
on the other, he profusely praises his wife

He visits that enemy country
bows down to the mother of its prime minister
bringing down prestige of his motherland

Hindu temples are attacked in Australia
he conveys country’s unhappiness
to their prime minister

When it is done repeatedly in Bangladesh
he cannot say anything to its lady prime minister
why is he so shaky and timid in front of women?

Sandip Saha is a chemical engineer and doctorate (PhD) in metallurgical engineering from India. He has got three awards for his scientific work and 33 publications on his scientific research work including three patents. He has been awarded by the following awards:
Awards (In the field of poetry):
1.Ukiyoto Literary Award “Poet of the year 2022” for the poetry collection of title, “Trial of God”.

2.Global Scholars Foundation Bhartiya Sahitya Ratna “Best Poet Writer Award-2022”.

He is also a winner of Poetry Matters Project Lit Prize-2018 and finalist in ‘Origami Poems Project ‘Best of Kindness Contest’, 2020, both USA. He has published five collections of poems – “Clashes in human life”, in “Petals & Chocolates” anthology by Ukiyoto Publishing, 2022/2023, “Quest for freedom”, “Trial of God”, “Loving women’ by, 2011/2021, one poetry chapbook, “Toast for women”, Oxford, UK, 2021 and is published 124 poems in 39 journals including Sheepshead Review,The literary hatchet, In Parentheses, Detour Ahead, Down in the Dirt, Juked, Origami, North Dakota Quarterly, Peregrine,  Door is a Jar, Better Than Starbucks Poetry Magazine, Pif Magazine, The Cape Rock: Poetry, Las Positas Anthology-Havik, Pasadena City College Inscape Magazine, Shot Glass Journal, The Wayne Literary Review, Tiny Seed Literary Journal, felan, Oddball, Snapdragon, The Book Smuggler’s Den, The Ghazal Page, all USA; in W-Poesis, Romania; in WinglessDreamer, The Good Life Literary Journal, UK; in VerbalArt, Phenomenal Literature, Tajmahal, The Criterion, Poets Choice, India and in The Pangolin Review, Mauritius and in AAWP: Meniscus literary journal, Australia.