paula roscoe


How many books you have written?

I have written two supernatural novels  – ‘Echoes and Freya’s Child’ and a collection of faerie stories for young children ‘Adventures of Faerie folk’. Echoes has so far won three awards and the faeries has recently been awarded an Honourable mention in the 2015 Amsterdam book awards in the children’s section.

What is the title of your latest book and what inspired it?

My next novel is ‘Between Worlds’ – another supernatural book, I guess that’s my favourite genre! Actually, it was a piece of music I was listening to that inspired me. This scene kept coming into my head that fit perfectly to the 10 minutes of music and it wouldn’t go away – it pushed its way to the front of my brain, leap-frogging over the novel I was nearly finished writing! Every time I heard this music, I saw it clearly, like a scene in a film. So, I listened to my instincts and wrote the story.

I am interested in all things weird and paranormal so in this I wanted to explore time-slips or is it all nonsense and people are merely having a psychotic episode? You can decide! (The piece of music is from the soundtrack of ‘King Arthur’ by the way!)

How long it took you to write your latest book and how fast do you write?

I wrote ‘Between Worlds’ in about six months. I write a couple of hours a day – Monday – Friday when my daughter is at school. Though I am also working on other projects so it would have taken me less if I had nothing else to work on. I write very fast. Sometimes I just can’t type fast enough as the story pours out of me.

Do you have any unusual writing habits or methods?

No don’t think so. I walk the dog, make a large mug of coffee and off I go. I lose time sometimes and wonder why my stomach is growling and realize hours have gone by as the story unfolds. I can type anywhere and begin at any time. If I’ve had to stop in the middle of a scene, I can continue as if I haven’t left. I’see’ the book unfolding as a film, so it’s like pressing the pause button.

What authors, or books have influenced you?

My favourite author is Barbara Erskine and one of my favourite reviews was when a bookshop reviewed ‘Echoes’ and said “This is perfect for Barbara Erskine fans!” I read so many horror and supernatural books growing up, James Herbert, Dean Koontz but it was mostly the non-fiction that influenced me. The true accounts of ghosts and all things spooky. Being a medium and living around spirit my whole life it is normal.

What are you working on now?

I have returned to the book that would have originally been my third, ‘Where Rivers Meet’ set in Wales, my country. It follows a young woman who is returning to the village where she spent every summer with her Nan. Grief stricken following the Grandmother’s death, she finds an old suitcase full of her artwork that her grandmother had kept over the years. She realizes that every picture has a figure in them, the dark figure of a man.
Cain has always loved Abigail. He has watched her grow into a beautiful young woman. He never questioned his ability to visit her, but when her life is threatened, Cain has to make a choice.
I am also working on a novella, ‘Diary of Margery Blake’ telling the life story of a woman from the 19th century and the horrors she endures as women are seen as pawn’s in families affairs.

What is your usual practice when it comes to promoting your books?

I begin letting people know of its completion and contact my publishers to see if either one wants it. So far I’ve said nothing as considering self-publishing myself. I use e-mail, social media, Goodreads, twitter, facebook and Google+ to let readers know it is arriving. I also contact bloggers and reviewers, though I do get plenty of offers these days!
Marketing is not my strong point, but I am learning through other authors and kind people helping me.

Do you have any advice for new authors?

Believe in what you do and enjoy the adventure. If you aren’t enjoying it, why bother? Also, get yourself out there. Get onto social media and ‘chat’ to other authors, share info and be kind; you’ll find that you have lovely people willing to help back x

What is the best advice you have ever heard?

Do not give up or else I’ll never speak to you again!

Who are your favorite authors and what are your favorite books ever?

Barbara Erskine as already said and loved Diana Gabaldon’s series ‘Outlander’ though getting sick of it dragging on now after over twenty years! ‘Cross Stitch’ by Diana Gabaldon is one I can happily re-read over and over. ‘Faerie Tale’ by Raymond E Feist is another great book. Mostly though I tend to read non-fiction ghost books or magazines as by the time I have a chance to read I am exhausted!

What are you reading now?

Spirit and Destiny magazine! And ‘Shephards Cross’ by Mark White.

What’s next for you as a writer?

Waiting for ‘Between Worlds’ to be edited. Beta readers came back with positive feedback and comments so I’m a happy girl. Waiting for an artist to help with the cover and then I’ll launch it. Looks like it’ll be nearer January 2016. Finish ‘Where River’s Meet’ and am considering a second collection of faerie stories. Wrote them years ago for my daughter, but need another illustrator.

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