Poems by Joshua Seguin


A new leaf,
Another day,
Journey for days,
May I read the last page,
Of this book?

A little more water,
A little more sky,
As far as I am concerned,
There is no other Life.

The sunflowers grow,
Because daylight grows.

We all know how it goes,
It goes away,
It comes back,
Like a boomerang. 


Two flames giving fire to each other,
Helping out,
Electrifying the way,
Some lights light up the sky

The idea is that paradise is here,
Humanity forever on earth,
Bringing little birds,
To the thought of becoming wild, white stars

& even though the stakes are high,
Next time will be the one,
You win the right,
To discover what comes next.


This house is full of Stardust,
It’s in the sky High Shining,
Love is all around us,
Home is where you Heart is.

Upstairs there is a Planet,
Which most is covered in Water,
The rest I thought I heard them say,
Is blue & turquoise Flowers.

Down stairs there is a disk,
Where children catch their eyes,
Besides a bowl of golden fish,
All grinning wide.

The door is made of Ether,
The walls are made of Sand,
This place is the Universe,
Please lend a Hand.


About the Author
Joshua Séguin is an anthropology/archaeology graduate from McGill University. Since youth he has been exploring his seemingly endless imagination. He currently lives in Canada, with his grandmother.