By Kathy Coman 


i can’t help but to think
about what tomorrow will bring
after i tasted the sweetness of your kiss
that paralyzed my heart

what have you done to me

that has me longing for days that have yet
to come

a broken promise

is what happened after our souls became one
with no intention of yours waiting around for love
to know your name because my body was
your only target

Do Not Own Me

you do not own me

you do not have the rights
to my body that was created
to house the precious soul
that holds the magic to my

you do not own me

you do not have the rights
to my heart that holds the
precious treasure of my love
that i give out only to those
who are deserving

you do not own me

you do not have the rights
to my mind that possesses
the depths of my existence
from the time i was created  
to the moment i met you

you do not own me

everything i am belongs to me
until you have proven yourself
worthy to carry my gift
only then will i share it with

Tucked Away

there are feelings
i have yet to discover
i don’t know if
i want to know them

About the Author:

Kathy Coman

Kathy Coman has received a Bachelors of Art in English from the University of Toledo as well as taken graduate level courses in creative writing. Past publishing credentials include: A&U Magazine, Carty’s Poetry Journal, Blinking Cursor Literary Magazine, and others.


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