by Sugar Tobey

Tang Dynasty Poem

She looks twenty but she’s about
twelve hundred years old now
the tang dynasty was a long time ago

she still waits for a young man
to come and dig her a carp pond
I have dug her this pond so many times


A lot of people here get shot
grown men old women
children everybody

if I got shot I would want
Clint Eastwood or
Lee Van Cleef to do it

then I’d fall backward into my own
freshly dug grave

on tenth avenue

Peaceful Lovely Beautiful

The afternoon sun light slowly crosses the bed
her head on my arm as she sleeps
a beautiful face so close to mine
her breath in quick but gentle rhythm

I won’t disturb her rest
she has been through so much
leaning forward I can’t help but
kiss her ear

happy that she wants to stay here
I rest my head lightly against her side
and listen to her as she

purrs so sweetly

Talk Radio

It’s gotten late again
way down the AM radio dial
her voice so gentle
so sexy

she’s not speaking english
I don’t understand her
she talks all night
deep into my night

I fall asleep
only to wake hours later
to static
the universe speaks

About the Author:

Sugar Tobey

Born Coney Island, Brooklyn. Sugar Tobey is the editor of Modern Poets Magazine. His own work has appeared in many publications including Bangalore Review, Indiana Voice Journal and Coldnoon. His new book, “Two Girls Make the Train” with artist Hiro Kurata has recently been published by Biondi Books. He currently lives in New York City over a pizza parlor.