by Kenneth Noris   White was at the top of the color chart, superior to all. Dominant to all mankind on the universe. White ruled the nation from coast to coast. White people were the Gods and the colored people were servants summoned to slavery. No dignity given, a life bound by shackles, tamed by the violent jolts of the slave masters whip. Human lifeform viewed as scum, animals were treated better.

Compassion was only a word and love was just an image that had vanished before the hands of time. Perfect glass mirrors shattered into tiny fragments showing the horrible bloody imagines of unmajestic times. Passages of freedom blocked by vicious horrific killings. Precious life given, then taken away easily as it was given.

Two colors co-existing in a world, oil and water mixing, blowing green smoke of hope that will never exist. Hate flows like currents of the deepest river, embedding depths of unforbidden territories. Scars of the endured pain will never heal, memories flood brains like unrealistic dreams.   

Time passes just as the days do and yet still the same cycles remain. Hate still engulfs souls, like wild fires raging through the woods. Visions of unity crushed like lovebugs. The hope for one world, one dream remains yet unsolved. Challenges of stopping racism will never die as the eyes are yet still filled with rage. The fire still burns spreading rapidly as HIV.

Can we become one like the rainbow that settles after the storm over the east right below the sunset? Serval colors making a spectrum of unity. Love and happiness defined by joy, no more sorrows. Tears of bliss falling washing away the harmful sins of the dirty wicked world.  Holes plugged blocking all the treacherous harms that kill the good vibes.

Colors will become one and the love will flow like currents. The waves of the oceans will soar creating the roughest tides that anyone can stand. The sun will rise and bring joy and the moon will set and illuminate the night skies bringing the most upbeat tranquility one has ever seen. Green grasses will grow and create pastures of endless destinations; destinations that take us to places we never knew existed. White and Black no longer collided like derailed trains. Planes soaring high in the sky taking our visions worldwide.