by Christopher Di-Filippo 
Deciphering Politics
Refuge of a different voice
= (equals) an apology in motion.

Our policy has always been – (minus)
the previous government
= (equals) individual fascism.
Economic indifference2 (squared)
= (equals) households held hostage to
policy sinkhole.
Plagiarism of minority interests + (plus)
neglect of unfunded promises/ (divided by)
overburdened taxpayer – (minus)
fair go excise.
= (equals) trust fund for marginal seats.
Voters disillusionment (occurs when):
Two party preferred vote < (less than) independent grandstanding
Watered down legislation > (greater than) Royal Commission logic
Front page article >= (greater than or equal to) truly unbiased opinion.

Hold the Flag
Was there a voice before –
before they came, or was
the land always silent.
Don’t move the flag,
it holds together this great nation,
providing shade for our labours,
and a place to plant tomorrow.
That’s why they built the fence,
to grow a country;
it kept us together, and maybe
kept us apart, both from
our friends here and our
neighbours across the sea.
But their words still stood –
mateship, fair go, battler;
none were in law,
but they still meant something.
They knew the worth –
the worth of the land, which was
as much the worth of the people;
their hands knew the dirt,
and they built to a promise.
That’s why they picked a voice,
one that mattered,
to be heard through the hardship,
when the days yearned for better,
to feel the sun’s affection,
and know the drought in choice.
But did they hear all the voices –
the ones before; the voice of the land,
a country that saw different,
losing identity, as the soil was dug.
They are all part of the story,
and the long years remember –
but the flag is still standing,
it’s been standing for a long time now;
and that’s a good thing,
it shows there’s meaning, and something more,
a nation,
which is worth the ache,
as long as we share the voice together.

Clarity of Opinion Program
The following twelve-step program will help you
deal with any unresolved political opinions:
Voting –
1. Acknowledge that voting is idealism sentenced to compromise
2. Choose the marginal agendas that won’t benefit you
3. Stake your claim with the masses (say ‘yes’ to the topical issues of the day)
Democracy –
4. Recognise that equality is driven by minority interest
5. Buy into self-rule by consumerism
6. Align yourself to a commercial interest (one with preferential lobbying)
Politics –
7. Accept the censorship of reason
8. Consider how you can best avoid long-term perspectives
9. Make a list of undelivered promises
Elections –
10. Determine your goals for disseminating responsibility
11. Don’t place judgement on media directed choice
12. Forgive impartial selection (by voter disinterest)

Enjoy your journey to a free and unbiased clarity of opinion.
About the Author:

Chris was born and raised in Sydney Australia. He completed university in Sydney and graduated with a degree in business studies. Chris has devoted his spare time to writing, with works published in Outposts of Beyond, Illumen, Neo-Opsis, Not One of Us, Abyss & Apex, Empty Silos (Inwood Indiana Book), Fantastical Savannahs and Jungles Anthology (Rogue Planet) and various works as part of Oz Poetic Society.