by Daniel King 

Centaur Zenith

We see the galaxy below us
Each star with azurite fire allure
Through Delta prisms they are peerless
Transformed like cerium laser light
For Titans, lemniscate with wildness,
Who slant triumphant, descend and arc
And blaze like novae with their grandeur
In steel and titanium, tain and spark.

And Centaurs are zenith Tyr-signed
And Centaurs are Aleph Null primed
And Centaurs are Delta K trined
Cantorian pearls in one mind.

Our glory magnifies the kalpas,
The endless span of exultant worlds,
A cosmos Sagitta has pierced
With stars technetium-new, and shells
A nebulosity that shows us,
In rings, infinity signs set free
Their halves to spiral and to mirror
The mystic crown that extols Kalki.

Aquaplaners Exit

Two infrared rainbows blaze on the ice:
The liquid is smooth for aquaplane carves.
The channels of Kraken Mare suffice
For exiting wide and landing my craft.

Approaching the lake I signal the plane
To check that the Point of Presence is right.
The topaz horizon’s lakes of methane
Delimit my path in Saturn’s gold light.

Exquisitely speed begins to increase:
Quixotic I tilt at icebergs I pass
A quincunx – I turn by ninety degrees
To equinox gusts that buffet like glass.

An hour and I head for shore and reflect
That Titan’s delights are quantized, discrete
I’ve altered the world but much is unchecked –
As always I’ll pass such chores to the Fleet.

As pixels of snow alight on the lake
I’m pleased I judged the span of the game.
This world is my image; few could mistake
That rainbows and Saturn’s rings are the same.

The Attractor at Infinity

Follow my spiralling line through infinite time
The Attractor shines the ray
I, I alone,
Know the way
Learn and pray.

Freedom is blessedly mine, Cantorian clay
And lunation’s wheel? I smile
You, you are bound.
So beguile;
Watch awhile.

Some with affinity, choosing me, will resile
But the rest are rust, debris
They, they are torn
Strive to be.
Seek Kalki.

Cherry Flowers

I am Kalki and I wander these shores:
They’re like smiles when I surf, at the solstice, now eternally
And with the C of each surge, surfers bow –
Their arms and their legs petals for a chakrawave.

I am Kalki and I travel the world:
It’s a fruit I consume, always glacé, calling azurely
And it reminds me of hard Cherry Men –
The cherries I pluck transiting around the Earth.

I am Kalki and I journey through space:
A Monoceros jaunt to the red Rosette, my nebula
What if a Unicorn Boy meets me there?
We’d look for a world, kiss and then explore its shores!

Delta Sightlines

Our legion’s triangle glides in deep space.
Our craft are charged as we thirty six wait.
Our crest is delta with K in prime place.
As if tattvas of Shiva, exultant we turn
From the night with one face.

Our goal is Atria, blazing K sun.
Our sightlines lock and direct each steel hull.
Our poets rush to record the war won.
A trikona, we fall into orbit and wait
For our rivals to run.

Our warheads blast into clouds and quartz walls;
Our lasers raze as a searing light swarm;
Our mantras smash the pleroma’s stored souls;
And we cheer as we chant and relight and destroy
And exalt we were born.

About the Author:

Daniel King is a prize-winning Australian writer. His poetry collection, Amethysts and Emeralds, was published by Interactive Press on May 15 2018. His hobbies include surfing, skateboarding, following the latest developments in space exploration, and listening to the music of Mike Oldfield and Project System 12.” Daniel King Artist Statement: I am an Australian gay writer, with a strong interest in Hinduism (particularly pertaining to Kalki, the 10th and final avatar of Vishnu, the Preserver, incarnating now and forever together with Shiva, the Destroyer), mysticism in general, and astronomy. As a surfer, I am also strongly influenced by marine imagery.