by Brionna Nijah  

Can I Be Honest And Tell You
That I Am Broken?
Not Beyond Repair
But The Cracks Run So Deep
You’ll Think I Was An Addict For Pain
I Ain’t Got The Tools To Fix Me
I Thought,
I Thought If I Would Just Pretend
I Could Make-belief
Manifest Light At The End OF The Tunnel
I’m Not On Games
But Playing Is Easier Than Breathing In Reality
Can You See I Am Choking
I Have 2 Faces
Yet My Eyes Tell The Story Of My Pain
Written On The Lines Of My Veins
Are The Secrets From A Dying Soul
Searching For Light
Hoping For Health
I Am Still Healing.


In The Kings’ Mansion
I Find Rooms.
A Room
With My Name Written With Lights.
I Find Books.
I Quiet My Soul
To Read Them,
Not With Eyes
Distorted By Perception
But With Heart
Revealed By The Creator.
I See My Blueprints
In His Writings.
I See My Purpose
In His Heart.
I See My Design
In His Pages.
I Am Finding Me.
Page By Page.
I Am Becoming.

About the Author:

Brionna Nijah is an author, poet, speaker, and youth advocate from Maryland.  In 2018, she published her first novel – BREATHE, which depicts the mental battle many teens face when struggling with suicidal thoughts. Brionna Nijah’s passion for writing started when she was about 10 years old.  In Maryland, she has spoken at local high schools and youth ministries and has the youth about mental resilience, suicide, spiritual, emotional, and mental health, and signs to watch out for.