by Terry Brinkman     

Shadows at Noon

Swift wings no longer serve
Shadows at noon
Like sailboats along the horizon
Clouds shadows quaking
A flock of birds crashes past
Now calm returns
An arrow quivers the air
Like sailboats along the horizon
With livid flashes
Shadows at noon

Sonnet CXVII

Jack priest’s office
Red bridge sag
Ruddy wool rag
Cowboys and Indians bliss
Dark lady and fair man kiss
Ghost woman nag
Grave yard swag
Chalk-scrawled prejudice
Bulldog Mac wage
Sea me arching of the orangutan
Old man’s age
Whirling whistle clang
Sea cold eyes rampage
Maladroit silk Boomerang
Slope of Sage
Old hag rang

 Rock Creek

Pinter scenic highway
Hope mill site
The Stamp mill
East Broadway

Montana water
Rock Creek
East Broadway
Ranking Eleventh

Sunk a shaft
Dragged into the field
Mines discovered Gold

Guide you in the search
Hauck home

 Sonnet CXXXVI

But as luck would have it
I woke at cock’s crow
She’s’ a sleep I will tip-toe
How long did I sleep Fit-Bit?
I need a coffee hit
Ghost candle light glow
Out the window I see snow
Opening my shaving kit
Chalk-scored back door
Nipping morning old house
Metempsychosis Baltimore
Annie’s spouse
Metaphysical snore
Crucified blouse


Cough-balls of laughter
Dancing Coin
Sinking in Des Moines
Catalectic tetrameter thereafter
Blue silver grafter
Grave yard deep groin
Acrid smoked sirloin
Ineluctable modally after
Shattered glass
Wet sand slap
Frog green Bass
Wood sieved strap
Razor shell Brass
Damp cracking wrap

About the Author:

Terry Brinkman  has been painting for over forty five years. He started creating Poems, he has had five poems in the Salt Lake City Weekly. Four E- Books. Variant and Tide Anthologies. Poems in Rue Scribe, Tiny Seed, jute Milieu Lit and Utah Life Magazine. Poem Village, Snapdragon Journal, Poets Choice, In Parentheses, Healing Muse and the Adelaide Magazine.