Holy Sword

By Kevin Auker

As the summer sun rained down on the kingdom of Scarlet, manning his post as normal was the king’s trusted knight Xavier. His job was simple, to not allow anyone to past through the gates without permission from the king. Throughout his tenure of 16 years not a single enemy or skilled adversary made their appearance against the knight.

“I’ve been craving for a good fight,” he yelled looking at the sky.

“So, you want a good fight.”

The knight adjusted his head to face level to revel a teenage boy standing in front of him. The boy had a smile perched on his face.

“Who are you boy, revel your name and reason for being here, if you chose not revel your name and motive, I will quickly dispose of you boy,” he said.

“How scary,” the boy said sarcasticly. 

Xavier quickly reached for his sword and unsheathed his trusty weapon. “Listen boy if you value your life revel your name and motive.” He didn’t want to murder this boy, but if he posed any threat to the king, he must carry out his job even to the smallest degree. Xavier closed his eyes and swung his sword at the teen, as the las minute he opened his eyes. To his surprise the teen jumped 10 feet away from the knight.

“How did you do that,” He said in disarray.

The boy crouched all the way to the soil and sprung up like a spring. Soaring though the air the boy looks directly down from the knight and yells, “I thought you wanted a good fight.”

Xavier’s face peaked a smile for the first time in 16 years. “Your right, I did want a good fight,” he said with pride “Will you be the one to give me that fight boy?”

Without a second of hesitation Xavier held his sword in a defensive position above his head. The boy began to descend as his foot was coming in hot almost as if his entire foot was on fire. The boy’s foot connected with the knight’s sword, sparks flying from just this one interaction. Still holding his defense, Xavier starts to feel his feet sink into the soil. This boy with a flaming foot and what seemed to be superhuman abilities, Xavier could not allow this person to survive. He glanced up at the sword to revel that a giant crack had formed on the blade.

“It’s no use your weapon is broken,” the boy said.

“Sure, it might be broken, but you can’t break my spirit,” the knight said with a huge grin spread across his face.

“I thank you boy for giving me a good fight,” Xavier said with tears swelling from his eyes.

At that moment his sword started to glow a bright light, blinding Xavier the boy quickly retreated.

“The Holy Sword,” the boy said.

“Holy Sword?” The knight questioned.

“Yes, it seems like it has chosen a host.” “well, I guess that was my job,” the boy said while slicking back his long black hair.

“Why are you here boy?” he said pointing his sword directly at him.

“My name is Nigel, and I am one of the great holy knights, my job was to find the Holy Sword, so my job here is done, thanks I had a lot of fun,” the boy said. And the same way he appeared was the same way he departed. Xavier quickly drops to the ground, out of breath and completely drained stamina the knight still had that smile displayed for the whole kingdom to see, his wait for a good fight was now over.                               

Kevin Auker hails from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania. He is a lover of reading, writing and television. Follow him on twitter @KevinAuker.