Nixon Resigns

At the skating rink

teachers on patrol,

the rumble, the smell

of floor wax, popcorn.

She rolls next to me

and winks I think.

We bump into each

other and fall

in my mind love

in hers over that stupid boy.

And the thump of disco

plays on.

Encounter With Einstein (circa 1950)

I clutch my equations

my monopoles

my anti-dice

as I approach the river

his retreat

his gendanken Platz.

I will regale him with my wares

and earn my just rewards.

They’ll refer to me as Albert junior.

I arrive just as he reaches

the river’s edge

to make my best and last stand.

‘Fish’ he says, pointing,

‘Such beauty, no?’

and moves on.

And so do I,

back to the drawing board,

of my ego.

Higher Power

You lie and cheat

and build clinics to scare

young women into rubbing you/r beads

and praying to you/r higher power.

You justify and testify

and feel closer to thee

and feel powerful.

You want to see power?

Make a satellite go to Pluto.

Fail and fail and don’t give up

and add precision out to four then five digits

and calculate orbits and energies.

That’s power and is and in all ways

will be higher than you/r beads

and old books.

Jesuschrist why do you think

I gave you a goddamn brain.