That Leap

Munching away in the sun,
what could be more pleasant?
Fellow Roos scattered as far as the eye can see –
My lovely Mary there, mother of 2 and one in the pouch,
seems quietly content…


I’m lifting, flying
my soul separated from my body..

What a sight,
that fine body sprawled on its side,
lifeless limbs at odd angles.

And there’s the biped with his sun pump –
what miserable creatures they are,
fancy having to climb up onto a quadruped
or hunch into one of those
evil smelling washing machines on wheels
to get some speed

We Roos are built for it naturally,
a muscled quinped
built for thrust and endurance…

Look at that tail –
raw muscle,
pure thrust,
while horses have that fashion accessory
to twitch the flies away from the unmentionable
and show the nag behind
which way to follow…

higher now,

hope the kids are ok.

This must be the last leap the oldies banged on about.

I wonder…

I wonder – wonder – wonder…

Wonderful !

Engineer, now pensioner but still working on a tide powered desalination unit - TideWater. 8th Cello in the Unley Symphony orchestra.