ELTON D’SOUSA – The Winner of the Second Annual Adelaide Books Children’s Book Illustration Award

1. Tell us a bit about yourself – something that we will not find in the official illustrator’s bio. Do you have any unusual creative habits?
I don’t think so… I play a lot of Super Smash Bros. Melee (a 20 year old video game) which I feel is a very creative inducing game.

2. Do you remember what was your first work about and when did you create it?
Probably redrawing the artwork on pokemon cards onto A4 paper. This was when I was around 4 or 5 years old.

3. What are you working on right now?A 3 minute and 30 seconds animation short film for a musician’s song titled “Fran – Scarlett Ruins”

Another animation, “The Ice Crystal : Chapter 5” ( The first 4 chapters can be viewed here- https://www.youtube.com/studioskiesandwater )

A comic titled “Heart of the Maze” featuring collaboration with my friends- @tobinkusuma @bonjourmarielle @ahmadhasanx @kaiju_komics ,

An illustration titled, “Terrace Art House”.

An illustration that is fan-art of the movie Princess Mononoke.

A store located in my city called Artist Alley Collective which focuses on representing, celebrating & selling the products of Illustrators, Comic artists, Animators & Fan-Art, including fashion, sculptures/3-Dimensional art, pottery, Japanese aesthetic products, and potentially other goods and possibly foods such as matcha cookies.

4. What do you deem the most relevant about your work? What is the most important to be remembered?
The most relevant about my work is how it connects to people and also entertains them. I like for people including myself to get lost in the artwork and perhaps discover new content in it with repeated viewings. Capturing people with their first glance is important, but so is their second glance and third glance and so on, and perhaps even standing the test of time.

The story is often all that matters, but also motivation is key. Finishing what you start is important too, otherwise you shouldn’t have started it; but starting is also super important even if you haven’t planned it out 100%. Aiming to impress/entertain should also be considered.

5. Artists that have influenced your work?

My inspirations include: Hayao Miyazaki (Studio Ghibli), Kim Jung Gi (SuperAni), James Cameron, Marvel Entertainment, science, fantasy, adventure, real world issues and their solutions.