“Stop pressing all the god damn buttons, that’s not going to get us out of here any sooner.” said Richard.

“I can’t help it; you know I hate enclosed spaces.” said Jamie. I wish we could have taken the stairs. And stop cursing you know I hate that.”

“You hate everything that’s why we broke up and that’s why we’re here at counseling that I don’t think will work.” And now look at us we’re stuck in this elevator together, you know neither of us could have taken the stairs, we’re both in wheelchairs. So, taking the stairs is just wishful thinking on your part.”

“Why aren’t you doing anything to help, that was the problem in our relationship you never did anything to help fix my problems, and you’re not doing anything to help me out of this one, I can’t believe this happened to me again in my life. Man, I hate elevators.” Jamie said.

“They will get us out of the tin box when they can. Nothing I do will make them go any faster.” Richard said.

“Pick up the phone and tell the operator I’m hungry.”

“You’re always hungry these days.”

“Well, I am eating for multiples.” And counseling must work, we have our family to think about even if we don’t get back together, we will be tied together for life now.”

Just as they were getting used to their situation the power went out in the elevator. A short time later it got very cold in the elevator, so cold in fact that they could see their breath. “Good thing I always keep this blanket that my great-grandmother made in my bag.” … “This blanket is big enough for two I wouldn’t want the father of my unborn children to freeze.”

“We will have you out of this wretched convoluted box as soon as possible and I’m really sorry about this I know the elevator needs to be fixed.” “And I’ll send down lots of food.”” (The repair man said.

“And Jamie, I know you’re scared of the dark, this can’t be easy for you right now remember your breathing exercises from your meditation.” Dr. Fox spoke through the elevator door.

The repair man made a hole in the elevator wall on the next floor to pass things down to them like food because it was going to be a long time before they could get them out. They didn’t like that news they had already been in there in hour. The last time this box trapped people in it, it took them five hours to get them out and he feared that this time was going to take longer because of the extenuating circumstances for both.

“Pass me the chicken fingers and spareribs, you know how much I love them.” Jamie said.

“Yeah, they are about the only thing you love.” Richard said. Him

“That’s not true it’s just there is a short list of my likes, but I want to turn over new leaf before these babies come that’s why I wanted to go to counseling with you.” Jamie said.

“I thought you wanted to get back together.” Richard said.

“I do, but I doubt that’s going to happen, you said you didn’t think counseling was going to work.” It’s probably all those extra hormones anyway that make me want to change my mind.”

“Man, all this food is good let’s divide it up and take it to our respective houses for dinner.”

“          I don’t feel good and I don’t know why.”

“Is it the babies, you know you don’t feel good after you since you been pregnant.”

“I’m past the first trimester, maybe it’s the food pick up the phone and ask how old it is.”

A few minutes later he said, “They said it was a week old, but it was the only thing they had in the fridge in the secretary’s office.”

“I can’t believe this; they gave a pregnant lady and her ex-week-old Chinese food and now I got food poisoning on top of being stuck in this stupid elevator.” Jamie said.

“What can I do to help you,” Richard said.

“Oh, so now you willing to help me.”

“You are the mother of my children and if you’re willing to turn over a new leaf, I can try to.”

“See if you can get me something to throw up in from one of the staff members and get rid of this food is making me sicker because now, I have a headache.” Have they figured out how to get us out of here yet I’m getting really claustrophobic?”

“I want to move into your apartment and help you get ready for the babies, it’s the only way I think counseling will work if were both willing to try.” “I think the stress you’ve been dealing with lately is too much, and that’s why you been saying you hate everything. I need to take on more responsibility now.” “I think the really close to formulating a plan on how to get us out of here.”

                        “Okay, here’s what we’re going to do since we’re coming up on the five-hour mark, and the elevator is not to be fixed because I need a part that I don’t have here. We’ll get the fire department involved and see if there’s a way we can take you out of your chairs, bring you up first and your chairs up second.” The repair man said.

A few minutes later two fire trucks and two ambulances came to the building to help with the situation.

“We’ll just put them on structures and bring them up that way through the hole you already made.” The chief said.

A few minutes later, three firefighters got down into the elevator shaft and made tresses with bungee cords to pull the people up to the next floor. Then some more firefighters brought up the empty chairs. The firefighters took them to the hospital together.