Chris’ and James’ parents dropped them off at the laundry. As the oldest child, Chris was in charge.

“Watch over your brother Chris. Also, do not fight with him, ” their father said.

“Alright, I won’t fight with him,” Chris responded.

He waited until their parents drove off and pushed James through the front door. James fell on his face and the clothes scattered on the ground.

“I hate going anywhere with you! And for the last time, I’m not your punching bag!” James shouted.

“Shut up already! You won’t bust a grape.” Chris said.

Chris has always been jealous of James because James was their parent’s favorite child, they treated him like a prince. But they treated Chris like a criminal. Chris also refused to forgive James for sleeping with his high school sweetheart. Chris has bullied James ever since they were kids. James has apologized for years for sleeping with Chris’ girlfriend. Before that happened, he constantly tried to get along with Chris despite being bullied by him. However, Chris never accepted his apology. The Laundry owner ran up to the scene to see who was shouting.

“James, are you okay?” David asked.

“No, that idiot just pushed me.”

“Chris, stop bullying your brother! There will come a time when he fights back instead of walking away. I will not allow you to hit him anymore!”

  James gathered his clothes off the ground and placed them in a washing machine. James strolled off to a bench, he balled his fists in frustration. James has reached his limit. Chris wickedly laughed, ignored David, and walked off. Chris was determined to seek revenge. David walked up to James to share scriptures and calm him down. James’ anger melted away like candle wax as he listened to the scriptures. Afterward, James felt guilty about what he said and considered apologizing to Chris. James started searching for Chris around the laundry. David smiled and went back to his office. David placed his headphones on to watch a comedy movie and closed the door of his office.

James found Chris and said “I’m sorry for what I said earlier. Do you forgive me?”

“Yes, I do.”

Chris stuck his hand out.  James smiled and shook his hand. James was relieved to finally hear Chris accept his apology. Suddenly, James let go of Chris’ hand. Then,  Chris threw a left jab and said “Psych! You thought it was that easy!”

“I had enough of your constant bullying! Let’s settle this!”

James threw a right jab and pivoted as Chris tried to uppercut him. James kept switching his stance and landing punches. Chris furiously jumped on him. They both fell to the ground and started tumbling. Chris sat on James’ chest and constantly punched his head. James blocked certain punches with his arms. James threw an uppercut and knocked Chris off of his chest. Both of them immediately stood up. Chris had a black eye and a busted lip. James was not hurt at all.

” Let’s go, bully! That’s all you got?”

“Wanna find out?”

Chris threw several punches and pivoted.  James was hit twice in the jaw. James quickly threw a powerful high kick. Chris fell to the ground and was knocked out. James started stomping on his head. Another customer immediately called David.  David didn’t hear the ruckus because he was too busy laughing. David ran up to the scene. He snuck up behind James, then placed him in a martial arts body lock.

“Stop, you’ve done enough already. Calm down! You have every reason to be angry, but don’t kill him!”

“But he kept bullying me for years”

“Let him live. I will not let you go until you stop trying to break out of the lock and calm down.”


David released James from the lock but continued to hold him back. David called an ambulance and they arrived after 10 minutes. He explained to E.M.T  workers that they were fighting. One of the workers walked away and called the police. Two E.M.T workers checked their vitals and temperatures.  James had a swollen jaw. Chris was unconscious with a black eye and busted lip. The E.M.T. workers drove Chris to the hospital. David began to cry as he saw Chris being taken away in an ambulance. James stared at the ambulance with no remorse. Then, James said, “What about me? I’m not going to be treated?”

“Freeze, you have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in this case. You are under arrest for domestic violence and battery.” the police officer said. James was arrested and spent the next 10 years in prison.

Briyanna Dorminvil is an author on a mission to feed people the truth and encourage them to read.