Finally, we got our second issue out. It was an uphill battle, but it was worth fighting. The timing of submissions, and work on our new web platform caused delay in putting together No. 2, but there is much to be proud. In two issues we have brought to our readers works by twenty-six contributing authors on over three hundred magazine pages, sixteen book reviews, eighteen new titles, four interviews, and number of articles on various book events.

We re-designed our web portal to enable easier navigation between pages, comments by  visitors, and posted links to digital files of both issues for a free use by our readers. Some will say that this may work against us when it comes to subscriptions. Who will subscribe to a magazine if they can read it online? My firm belief is that subscribing to our magazine is just one form of the financial support of our endeavors, and those who like our work will subscribe to magazine. Also, there are still those who prefer to own physical copies of magazines.

On other side, our June issue is almost done and will follow this issue in two weeks. So, one could say, we are back on the tracks.

As I mentioned in our previous issue, putting literary magazine is a labor of love and the only way to work out is if it is done through the joint efforts of a group of authors. This is the basic rule for any endeavor since the beginning of time. The quote from the Bible comes to my mind: “For where there are two or three gathered together…” So, I call again all indie authors interested in promoting their work to submit their writings for consideration and work with us. Visibility is very important for authors. We write because we want our writings to be read by others. If readers can’t find us, they cannot read our writings. More places we are present, there are more chances to be found. And every little helps.

Literary magazine is a place where authors can test their new projects, promote their books, and have readers learn more about them. On other hand, on our web platform, readers are enabled to comment on any of the writing and by doing that, give a valuable feedback to our contributing authors. All comments are forwarded to authors, and with their permission, posted on our website. This is useful tool to see reader’s reaction to excerpts of our new books even before they are published.

Also, we offer free book reviews. If you want your new book reviewed by one of our editors or authors, please, send us an e-mail and we will get in touch with you. Another useful promotional tools are book trailers and author interviews. If you have any of these ready, send to us and we will post them on our website. You can also use our interview template.

Book Chat Live didn’t get off to a good start because of my personal scheduling conflict, but with moving broadcast time to Wednesday, we hope to make it work. Looking forward chatting with our authors!

Although online visitors’ numbers keep growing on the daily bases, our subscribers and donors base is still not big enough to sustain our regular expenses. I plead with all those who like our work to support us as their abilities permit, either by subscribing or by donating to our magazine.
To those who already subscribed and/or helped us, I thank from the bottom of my heart. It is a cause worth supporting. Thank you!