By Richard Pacheco 

Father and SonMy father waited for me
it took 21 years of trying
three doctors proclaimed
my mother would never have children
then she arrived at menopause
and oops at last I was there
and the plans for adoption
dissipated like smoke
no longer needed
talking about a long trip
those sperm endured rivaling Odysseus
no direct route
instead they wandered like Moses
traipsing through desert sands
up and down the Sinai
endlessly plodding
methodical and diligent
ruthlessly determined
semper hopeful
bathed in anticipation
and after the wait
my very athletic father
ended up
with an unathletic son
a late bloomer they claimed
as if to explain away
the two left feet
as they compete
like rival tribes
enemies not allies
unyielding struggles
sans noticeable progress
in a quick time warp
devoid of any escape.     
RepetitionSome people regurgitate
the same life mistakes
again and again
carefree and unconcerned
expecting different results
despite the same repeated
actions since the bond
is flexible and expands
outdistancing belief
abandoned behind
the groups of old myths
dilapidated it despair
disintegrating like paper
left in torrential rains
remembered so fondly
if too inaccurately
all as a matter of sheer
comfort and convenient
ignoring all adverse results
with bloated confidence.


WorshipMy neighbors worship their lawns
see each blade of grass
like a wanton wicked goddess
they kneel low for closer inspection
devout and dedicated
even with arthritic knees
throbbing as a painful reminder
they stroke each blade of grass
like a new well loved puppy.
They are meticulous as surgeons
ritualistic as high priests
each fresh day echoes the dull routine
without variation—
the way to salvation
is not inspection
but meaningless repetition. 
About the Author:

Richard Pacheco is an award-winning playwright, poet, artist, journalist, filmmaker and educator. A finalist in the grant competition in playwrighting at Massachusetts Artists Foundation (1976) he won the 1986 American Regional Theatre Award  best new play. His plays have been seen throughout Massachusetts. He won the best actor Award from New England Russian in Boston, He acts on stage, in film and television. He is a member of SAG-AFTRA.. He holds a BFA in painting and an MFA in printmaking from U. Mass. Dartmouth His poetry book, “Geography” was nominated for a 2015 Pulitzer Prize in poetry.