By Anna Kapung    THE  RIVER                                                                                  The river is the same conceited
Proceeds with its own eloquence
Open in its clarity and influence
Dark is its colour it has influence
Its licence to hold what it knows
Its prerogative it  hides what it holds
Each stream and current it commands
Its dominance captures energy that human eyes wonders
The beginning on no account reveals
Waterfalls, sinkholes, tangents and tributaries
Maintains humanity in the palm of its hands
Arise like the tree with its roots on the riverbanks
Ripples and churns a force of dominance
Persuasiveness in all its magnificence
Destination known smoothly it drifts
Into the sea where it reveals its secrets      DIAMOND SUNLIGHT                                                                  Diamond starlights on the rippling water
The colour of emerald is the river
Steady smoothly on marbled stones
Rainbow coloured waterfalls
Purple tree lined river banks
Red and yellow tree covered mountains
Racing wild horses
Shadows of the starks
The colour of emerald is the river
Diamond starlights on the rippling water      THE ROAD MEETS THE HORIZON                                                Unrelenting sun
The glare upon my skin
Dusty, dry road to my destination
Every pore closed, heat like a furnace, its dehydration
No relief insight weak within
Endless cloudless blue sky, my mind’s misapprehension
My shuffling feet, the miles I was mistaken
The heatwave I am in an illusion
Sweat drenched body, my constitution failing with exhaustion
Each stride is agony loves misconception
Blurry vision the road meets the horizon
Dry mouth, dry throat in need of heat protection
No tears in these eyes, my body’s  insubordination
Die if I should cease to move
A fallacy I should find love in the Sahara      COLD SUNSHINE                                                                   No pink roses to alleviate my mood
The trees show thorns for leaves
No moon and stars to shine
To allow one to pursue heavenBare, desolate ,my reality stripped
No disguise to mask the blemishes
Scars of my history
Hidden in my thoughtsSilence in my mind
Distractions removed that crowded my circumstance
Sit in an empty house
Sentiments intense I ownThe world outside is frigid
Reason my way through the visions
Cold sunshine that gives nothing
Introverted let the uproar subsideClarity of mind
Comfort in my loneliness
Joy in my isolation
Envision my spirits ambition Freezes the blood
Water like ice
Cools the earth
Ground like stone      WATERYour nature is greatness
Your core illuminates magnificence
Essence that is self effacing
Brilliance in your eyes
Wisdom is your disposition overflowing with enlightment
Music to the pessimist
Radiant rainbow after the summer storm
Luminosity on my countenance
Transforms the flow of prudence
Salt to my essence
Salt to my disposition
Metamorphosis to my composition
Powerful it is my constitution
My reticence,my shelter      WINDSTORM                                                                  
Destination anywhere
Powerless to the elements
A leaf in the windstorm
Humour my emptiness
Woe is my condition
Meltdown ,try to hold the waterfalls
On the edge of exhaustion
Fraility in my nucleaus
Buoyant I am in the wind
Water without roots
Defeat myself effortlessly
Hours into days, days into weeks
Gasping can hardly breathe
The hours
Delight not in myself
The picture of me I loathe     anna kapungAbout the Author:Anna Kapung is a Canadian citizen with a BA (Hons) Degree in  Hotel Management and a Diploma in Public Relations, Marketing and Sales Management. Currently, she is  writing her third book to be entitled Orchestra of the Flutes. Her second book entitled Feet on Unstable Waters is yet to be released. Anna’s poetry has been published with United Press UK,Forward Poetry UK, Eber and Wein  USA, Canadian Institute of Poetry. Her book Water falling between words is published by Austin Macauley.