I hear myself in the silence of this house
I see my purpose, solitude I require
I am complicated, love worth holding, I am desire
I see , busy life, I lost myself
I pray, released from fear, I am strong
I inhale sunshine on my face, I will shine
I reflect thoughts of days gone by, I am wisdom
I feel myself in the silence of the morning light ,I am new
I am home, my days all my own to fulfill, I am secure
I am whole within my purpose, I am complete

Anna S. Kapung: I am a native of Canada who graduated from Southbank Univerisity London with BA Hons Degree in Hotel Management writing my third poetry book . .My poems have been published in several print ,digital and online publications, including Jonah,The Opiate,Aaduna,Mystic Blue Review ,Halcyone, Adelaide, and Blazevox.