The hands of the clock move too quickly
As everything continues to change.
Changing from the ideas of simpler times
And the constant dream to grow up
Grow old
And do all that one couldn’t before.
As my hair grows to my shoulders once more
And I rip another calendar page clean
I hold onto the idea that there will always be more time
even if there isn’t.

“screen time”
My fingers have molded to the keys over time
Because it’s all I have.
When the button was pressed
To pause the world
My mother could no longer claim an hour was too long
To sit at the computer.

I never thought I would wish to look out the window
Rather than at the blue light
That makes my eyes weary.
The world continues to spin, and the scenes change
But the button has yet to be pressed again
So the world remains on pause
And I continue to stare at infinite screen time.

Megan Harrison is a new writer based in Ohio. She is currently on track to graduate from college in the coming years, and this would be her first publication.