The Institution

by Aracelly P. Campo

Love-the grand illusion
Theatrical spectacle presented to us on an empty stage
Transaction driven unions that dictate the roles we are to play
We follow conventions of our own inventions
We surrender our will
And sign on the dotted line
Invading the soul of another
Relinquishing our Identity
The battle for control commences
Sex and love become weapons of war
Love is no longer the goal
Mirror, mirror on the wall
How can I destroy their soul?
To conquer Love’s country
Becoming Its Ruler
Love must be reinvented


by Aracelly P. Campo

Lost inspiration
My absent friend
Where have you gone?
To Paris, perhaps
Or maybe to Spain
Wherever you are
Can you taste the rain?
Can you see the moon?
Can you feel the sun?
Or is darkness your guide?
Is your spirit alive
Without me by your side?


by Aracelly P. Campo

I died on a cold winter morning
I died on a hot summer day
I died in a dungeon
I died in a cave
I died in a room
My palace of filth
I rupture my veins
With daggers of steel
My body succumbs to the coldness of death
My spirit breaks free from its prison of flesh
I’m losing the battle but winning the war
I don’t fear the future
The past: no more

Author’s Biography

Aracelly P. Campo, A.K.A “Bones” grew up in Miami Florida. An avid reader, she started writing poetry at the age of nine. She writes in all types of poetic forms, but has a special preference for dark verse. She enjoys nurturing and collaborating with other poets and writers. She holds degrees in communication and business from Florida International University, and is also pursuing an MBA with a concentration in business analytics from the University of Wisconsin at White Water.  As she would describe it, “She’s an explorer of darkness, the kind that lurks in our hearts and seeps through the crack of our numbness.”