To the wind,
I wonder, where you’re going
Where you’ve been
You’ve blown across mountains, forests, seas
You’ve blown across polar ice caps & cities of trees
You’ve blown in valleys, over hills and plains
Birds fly through you
So do planes
You’ve blown up chimneys
You’ve blown down drains
You blow gently
You blow with force
You blow to the South & you blow to the North
You come icy
You come warm
A gentle breeze
A hurricane storm
Please blow away my troubles, Dear WIND.

Author’s Biography

Jamie Gibbons: I am a writer, poet, verbaliser, photographer and digital artist. I have lifelong and ongoing severe mental health difficulties. My arts keep my head above water in what feels like a terrible sea with high stress waves coming in from 360 degrees. I am admin of the Facebook group, Damaged Writers Unite. My pseudonym is Distressed Butterfly.