The Rights of A Girl

In summer solstice, lightning in midnight
pulls you from cosmos—rain storms
the waterscapes
You walk backward, making space about
the need to start becoming. To those
whom you see and embrace, you keep
in with poetry, cinematic arts—automatic
writing, you learn rigorously on the risen
rights of girl, reducing nothing from
what shines behind, the grinding through
given by sky ladders beyond clouds.
Action & relaxation—human
rights for the willful, crashing waves—
many lives. The Windmills of Your Being.

On the Basis of Self Love

You open your arms to an unknown world,
Or bring it with you on a chain of diamonds;
When dreams follow the path of fey fever,
Some opened your arms to an unknown world;
You exuded many loves; You were majestically calm
When allowed Cosmo’s karma so pure and warm;
You open your arms to an unknown world
And bring it to us with a chain of words.

I Had A Dream

after Billie Holiday’s “Strange Fruit”
I dreamed of a world
of renewable soil with
real fruits
after still waters.
I dreamed of a word
for the ones I love(d)
who fell victim from
their birthright.
I dreamed of a world
where skin colors in front of a mirror
would not dictate their fate
while they strive to survive in
a country called home.

This is not a Woman in a Blue Hat

Daughter, you should not break your
heart with a chain of links made of blue
The clouds have enveloped their faces
of colors to defy my eyes, and yours will
spoiled beyond my blackness.
Fortune and vitality approach you
and are for you to take and hold on to.
Our melancholies are perhaps a given,
from whom you took as it for granted

thoroughly alienating one from
passionate memories.

Author’s Biography

Ann Huang is a Chinese-born, Mexican-raised and US-based poet, visual artist and filmmaker who published four award-winning collections, most recently a Shaft of Light. Her lyric poetry speaks of a dreamy state of being by melting present into its past and future, with surrealistic gestures permeating space and time across multiverses. Ann is also the Traveling Show manager for MarinPoetryCenter, and Visual Arts editor for NewFound Journal. Visit her poetry site at; and her film site at