By Lazola Pambo   Winter is sentencedinto a silent cataclysmwhen the yellow-eyed chariotsrage upon humanitya battalion of immortal squadronnone of us have ever seen The last anniversary of the universeilluminated by a catharsisthe burning season has awokenoh what a gothic sighthearing bones rattle from the grave See the monstrous flamereeling twenty seven heated rodswhich exterminate orderthe ocean waves are frozeninto volcanic Viking swordsthat possess meltdown We felt the burning seasontake ambush of our liveschurches, houses, schools and allonly trace they left behindthe indoctrination of wordsand not the Ten Commandmentsbut Jove Chappell…The Prince of Hell! 
 lazolo pombaAbout the Author:Lazola Pambo is a South African poet, novelist and essayist. The majority of his work has been published in “New Contrast,” “LitNet,” “The Kalahari Review,”  “2014-2016 Sol Plaatje European Union Anthology,” “Sentinel Literary Quarterly,” and “New Coin,” among others. His young adult novel: “The Path Which Shapes Us,” was published by Lingua Franca Educational Publishers in 2016.You can follow him on Twitter @LPambo and Facebook.