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Fiction - Year I – Number 2 – March 2016

    THE FALLING, Chapter 16 By Ryan Morris

    THE FALLINGBy Ryan Tim Morris His first novel ("MOLT") was self-published in 2009 and Ryan is currently submitting his third novel to literary agencies in an effort to seek representation. He wrote several screenplays, stage...

    MOIRAE, Ash Woodlands, By Mehreen Ahmed

    MOIRAE Following the stream of consciousness technique and embedded in dream allegory, Moirae depicts human predicament exploring notions of fate and religion. Taken from a fantasy land on a planet with two moons, called the...


    RUMPELSTILTSKINJoão Franco Algures no Sistema Solar, 23/06/2100 Nate, o astronauta americano,  estava radiante na primeira missão tripulada a Neptuno, mas era assolado pelas saudades de casa e de Alexandra, a noiva inglesa que deixara no planeta...

    TRUTH ACCORDING TO MICHAEL, Chapters 1-3, By Stevan V. Nikolic

    TRUTHAccording To MichaelBy Stevan V. Nikolic Second book of the “Michael Nicolau Series”, this novel follows thirty-three years in the life of Michael Nicolau. The story takes us on the long path of Michael’s soul-searching...