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Fiction - Year IV - Number 23 - April 2019

    LETTERS TO JULIA by Sara Cummings

    LETTERS TO JULIAby Sara Cummings It felt like it had been decades since I’d last been home and driving down the same roads that I’d driven for the first 18 years of my life. It...

    SOMETHING GRAND by Joann Smith

    SOMETHING GRANDby Joann Smith “My God, it’s the church,” Mary Ryan cried as she and her neighbors Dora Amato and Eddie and Carol Edmunds turned the corner onto the Grand Concourse.Mary Ryan had been lying...

    BOSON’S BEST by Keay Davidson

    BOSON'S BESTby Keay Davidson This is the story of how Ester the apple farmer and her trusty sidekick Nick became the heroes of Boson. Of course, I must inform you that once you enter Boson,...

    NINE / TEN by David Robbins

    NINE / TENby David Robbins 1 For six months, Arthur Kramer treated me like he was doing me a favor by planking me. I let it happen because you’re out in the ninth if you don’t...

    ROAD RAGE by Sharon Frame Gay

    ROAD RAGEby Sharon Frame Gay The police told our family that Jason, my husband, died instantly when his car swerved off the road and down a steep ravine. That's not true. It's what police like...

    BY NO MEANS by B. P. Herrington

    BY NO MEANSby B. P. Herrington The fly skittering across the sales counter fiddled its forelegs and sprang up in an aimless drift.  In the acrid odor of fertilizer and feed, Davis slouched at the...