Fiction - Year III - Number 18 - November 2018

    HOMECOMING by Emelyn Grace Jaros

    HOMECOMINGBy Emelyn Grace Jaros The radio was less staticy that I remembered. Jason Aldean’s twang had only to compete with the whir of the AC and the rumble of tires against broken-up asphalt. One vent...

    THE HITCHHIKER by Joseph Washburn

    THE HITCHHIKERBy Joseph Washburn I sat it in the passenger seat of the pickup, the August heat already making the outside unbearable. Slowly, I slid my hand under my coat, touching the cold steel of...

    DUST by Maggie Slepian

    DUSTBy Maggie Slepian I was at a stoplight, the one that never seems to be green no matter which direction you come from. It was the part of town where the radio comes in clear,...