Fiction - Year IV - Number 27 - August 2019

    THE RESCUE by Elie Axelroth

    THE RESCUEby Elie Axelroth The stranger who rescued him was a dark-skinned woman. He heard the swish of her silky dress, the clicking of high heels as she approached...

    FINDING KRAMER by Ruth Deming

    FINDING KRAMERby Ruth Deming Five or six years ago, in a private message on Facebook, Joyce told me that Kramer was a bag lady in Boston. It seemed improbable...

    ELIZABETH PETTIGREW by Richard Bader

    ELIZABETH PETTIGREWby Richard Bader She opened the door before we could knock, in a long silver dress and hair the same color, scarlet lips framing too-white teeth. “How awfully...