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NonFiction - Year IV - Number 25 - June 2019

    FATHER JOHN by MIlton Montague

    FATHER JOHNby Milt Montague  It was in the middle of World War ll. The United States was fighting both Nazi Germany and Japan.  Milt had just completed four months of basic  infantry training at Camp...

    LOST AND RE-FOUND By Jane Babson

    LOST AND RE-FOUNDBy Jane Babson  It may well be true that my son David’s Chromosome 7 is partly responsible for anovernight journey to Lost Lake in the Mt. Hood National Forest that I recently took...

    IN KABUL By Robin Fasano

    IN KABULBy Robin Fasano   There are no parks, barely a blade of grass. Kabul is wide open sky and rugged blue mountains. My driver, Latif, has been with me since I arrived. His familiar profile...


    FAMILIAR STRANGERSby Adina Sara The phone rings, the clock blares 5:00 am, I jolt awake; this is it! My son’s frantic voice confirms what I already know. We’re on our way to the hospital…her contractions are fifteen minutes...

    BREASTFEEDING BLUES by Joanna Kadish

    BREASTFEEDING BLUESby Joanna Kadish I sat with my best friend Terry, each of us holding our newly minted babies. Terry’s baby, Casey, was born breach, as was mine. But I didn’t feel any ill effects....

    NOTHING THERE By Megan Madramootoo

    NOTHING THEREby Megan Madramootoo  I watched Seth quietly and quickly disappear behind the off-white front door as he held something small and box-like between his two hands. When the door slammed behind him, I immediately began to...