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NonFiction - Year V - Number 36 - May 2020


    NO DRUDGE, NO GRUDGEby Nancy Wick  I was thirty-nine and I was finally getting married. After years of entanglements with inappropriate men leading to heartbreak and disappointment, I had found a good man who wasn’t...

    REIMAGINING: MARCH 31, 2020 By Rachel Cavell

    REIMAGINING: MARCH 31, 2020by Rachel Cavell   “Liza, be careful not to touch the banister when you go downstairs”, we overheard Max telling our daughter late last night. Motivated by Trump’s musings about quarantining  parts of...

    A MOTHER’S SIGH By Susan Bloch

    A MOTHER’S SIGHby Susan Bloch  In a Congolese village, it is dark. Smoke dribbles up and up, blemishing the light from the sickle moon. Thatched roofs have collapsed. Shrapnel pockmarks dot blackened mud walls. There...

    NAMES By Nancy Wick

    NAMESby William Alton  My mom was a Neel of the Izard Neels. We were the people folks avoided in Izard’s one bar. We were the people folks whispered about over coffee. We were the kids...