Poetry - Year III - Number 15 - August 2018

    A POET’S QUILL by Antoine Airoldi

    A POET’S QUILLby Antoine Airoldi   A poet’s quill grows so slow;From a bird in mid air, too low;Loses its flight attendant, oh;Watch its mill flow even more;When the seasons change;The days shrink to an inch;All...

    TEARBLANKET by Reuben Ellis

    TEARBLANKETby Reuben Ellis  Tearblanket To alter flesh, use the deciduous catclaw,the spiculumed acacia, tearblanketitscommon name, unpronounceable in  ambiguity.  I could describe it to you,three-thorned, polygamous flowers, pinnatepods, but you will know it because you willbe bleeding...

    OLD SCHOOL by Tony Tracy

    OLD SCHOOLby Tony Tracy Physiography The phenomenon is irrefutable; a true scientificand earthly wonder, mathematical improbabilitythat leaves scholars of astrology scratching their heads to explain, and pundits of scripture andChristianity gawking through their $10 cardboardsunglasses as midday light...