Poetry - Year IV - Number 24 - May 2019

    PROPERTY by Monty Jones

    PROPERTYby Monty Jones Property How hard it iswhen you start to think about itto get everything together. Even a “bare” stagewill have its slant,its curtain, a shadow on the wall.Someone will come on with a pipeor a...

    DRIP by Roger Singer

    DRIPby Roger Singer   DRIP  A passive silver moondripped its lightthrough lace curtainsinto my room the faucetin the bathroomdrippedwith preciseregularity both dripping worldsinvoking theirpresence on me there is no wisdomgainedbeing in the middle listening and watchingto the drip, dripfrom my shelterof...

    ANNIVERSARY by Cathryn Essinger

    ANNIVERSARYby Cathryn Essinger Anniversary The Harvest Moon rising frombehind the strip mall appears tetheredto the horizon, but soon it will clearthe radio tower on the far side of town and lift effortlessly past Walmart, Sunocoand Payless Shoes....